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Premium Electric Fireplace Inserts in San Jose, CA

EmberWest brings you a stunning range of electric fireplace inserts, perfect for anyone in San Jose, CA looking to blend aesthetics with functionality. Our products, from top manufacturers, offer the best quality and performance, embodying luxury and convenience. Whether you're seeking a sleek, modern wall unit, an insert for your current fireplace, or a freestanding model to enhance any room, EmberWest provides a broad selection to match the varied tastes of the Bay Area.
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Kozy Heat Osseo 29 & 34
Kozy Heat

Redstone Series Osseo 29 & 34

The electric insert Osseo by Kozy Heat is available in two sizes: 29” and 34”. These will fit directly into existing fireplace openings to modernize any room.

Industry-Leading Electric Fireplace Insert Manufacturers

Our range of electric fireplace inserts ensures you'll get a product that's reliable, durable, and designed to impress. At EmberWest, we're proud to partner with top-notch manufacturers in the industry.
Modern Flames
Redstone Series

Annual Service and Maintenance for Cozy Fires

Electric fireplace inserts are easy to use and need little maintenance. Yet, for optimal performance, regular servicing is recommended. EmberWest offers comprehensive annual maintenance to ensure your insert runs smoothly. Our trained professionals will inspect your insert for optimal and safe function, adjust heat settings, clean the unit, and fix minor issues before they escalate. EmberWest keeps your fireplace insert in top condition, making you effortlessly enjoy a realistic, maintenance-free flame.

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